fear free veterinarian in Crossville TN

Fear Free Veterinarian in Crossville, TN

At Best Friends Veterinary Hospital, we want to make vet visits a low-stress experience for all our four-legged patients and their owners. With Fear Free veterinary care, we can alleviate fearfulness, anxiety, and stress in pets, so it’s easier for them to come see us and receive the treatment they need to keep living a healthy life. If your pet experiences stress and you’re concerned about bringing them in, we would be happy to explain our Fear Free protocols with you in more detail, and show you in person when you visit!

See how stress-free vet visits can be by scheduling an appointment with us!

What We Do to Create Fear Free Experiences for Pets

When you visit our hospital in Crossville, TN, you can expect a warm welcome from our team, and veterinary care that goes beyond simply providing medicine.

To make your pet’s experience Fear Free, we:

  • Try to use minimal handling whenever possible, or implement low-stress handling techniques
  • Use artificial pet pheromones to induce calm (such as Feliway spray for cats)
  • Use treats to distract pets while getting shots or other treatments
  • Can provide calming medications to give to your pet prior to their visit
  • Greatly limit the amount of time you and your pet need to spend in the lobby (we will take you straight to an exam room when you arrive)
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The Benefits of Going to a Fear Free Animal Hospital

Alleviating your pet’s anxiety or fearfulness during vet visits is certainly a benefit, but there are other reasons Fear Free is good for you both.

•  Your pet will be less stressed, and you will be, too!

•  Taking the fear out of vet visits makes it easier for you both to see the vet and get essential care for your pet

•  By getting the care they need, your pet will be able to stay healthier, longer and have a better quality of life

•  Less stress is vital to your pet’s physical and mental health

Want to know more? Get additional information about Fear Free here. You can also call us at (931) 459-2006.