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Providing Pet Wellness Care for Dogs and Cats in Crossville, TN

A vital part of keeping your pet happy and healthy is scheduling regular pet wellness exams with your vet. At Best Friends Veterinary Hospital, these exams allow us to help you maintain your pet’s health, address any issues that may arise, and inform you about any changes that we see from year to year. Wellness exams also allow us (and you) to be proactive, keeping an eye out for possible medical issues and recommending treatment options to prevent those issues.

Let us help your pet live a long and healthy life by your side. Schedule your wellness exam with Best Friends Veterinary Hospital today!

What to Expect from A Pet Wellness Exam in Crossville, TN

Regular exams are important for all dogs and cats, and pet wellness care is tailored to each pet’s specific needs. Wellness exams are crucial to catching any issues before they become serious and provide our team with important information about your pet’s health.

During a typical pet wellness exam, our team provides the following:

  • A nose-to-tail examination
  • Administering necessary vaccinations
  • Microchipping your pet or providing helpful information about microchipping
  • Preventative blood and fecal testing
  • A discussion about any nutritional/dietary concerns you might have
  • Answering any general questions about your pet’s health
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Why You Should Microchip Your Pet

Microchips are small, safe, and easily inserted during a routine wellness exam at Best Friends Veterinary Hospital. A microchip is about the size of a grain of rice and contains information that will permanently connect your dog or cat back to you if you ever get separated. Once in place, the microchip can be detected with a handheld device at most veterinary practices and animal shelters.

Schedule Your Pet's Next Wellness Exam

Our pets are masters at hiding if they are sick or hurt, which is why regular pet exams are so important to their well-being. At Best Friends Veterinary Hospital, we provide thorough exams to help our team keep your pet safe and provide you with peace of mind. When was the last time your pet had a check-up? Schedule their next wellness appointment with our team today!